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“Colour Grading / VFX / Editing”

We’ll accompany you from the start of your project: from treatment and filming schedule to final delivery in the chosen format. Colour grading, VFX, editing and montage. You can also hire a studio for presentations, or to do any of the previously mentioned jobs.

“Sound design / Recording / Mixes”

We cover all your needs for production and post-production sound processing. Live and in-studio sound recording, voice overs, DR, sound design, music library, personalised music composition, 2.0 and 5.1 mixes. You can follow the sessions via RDSI, Source Connect, Session Link Pro or Skype.

“Graphic design / Motion / 3D”

Creation, design and animation of effects, elements and graphics. Support and postproduction both for visuals and for videos made entirely with motion graphics.

“Masters / Format changes / Adaptations”

We will deliver the final master according to the specifications you need. DCP for film, digital copies for TV emission and digital formats for social media and the internet.

“Our R+D space”

This is where we unleash our imaginations and enjoy putting our creativity to the test, as we generate new content. Podcasts, viral teasers, documentaries… From the script or storyboard to their on-screen realisation and postproduction. If you have an idea you want to develop, come and see us in the laboratory and find a formula that works for you.

“We’ll produce your custom made podcast”

The podcast revolution has entered the audiovisual world. This is a format in which content is the key to success. We want to make sure the form, too, is impeccable. We’ll record the audio, and design the sound and theme tune of your show, but, on top of that, we’ll make a video and create the motion graphics so you can upload it to Youtube. We also function as a platform for distribution on Ivoox, Spotify and all other servers.